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Planning Consulting Services

Planning Consultants

A site visit coupled with a face-to-face consultation to assess the site and its context. For refusals, this will be to understand the reasons for receiving a negative response, and to determine the best approach for an appeal/resubmission.


We have also worked with clients wishing to raise objections to local projects. In these cases, the methodology noted above is similar in procedural terms but a mirror opposite in terms of the case to be presented.  


Once initial assessments have been made, this is followed up by the preparation of a written document augmented with pictorial supporting information.  


  • Where refusals are concerned, an appeal statement is formulated,  addressing the council's reasons for refusal and citing precedents and other relevant material to mount the best case for a subsequent approval. This is then submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, with subsequent on-going administrative follow-up.


  • Where objections are concerned, the notification must take place when the Council's planning consultation period is still open.

Our Service Includes:


Analysis of failed applications and planning consulting advice


Drafting of written statements for planning applications referred to appeal


For/against representations on behalf of clients for planning applications referred to Council Planning Committee





Flood Plain Assessments

Since the severe Cumbrian floods of 2010, all local authorities have been asked to develop and update policies to deterimine how flood planning will be handled in their localities.  


From a planning perspective, if any sites fall within a designated flood plain, then  planning applications need to provide flood plain assessments. We can assist with this requirement.

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